Truths appear in drips, streams, flows and pours. Drinking from the fountains of truth holds pleasures and benefits galore. Yep, truths poured in and truths poured out -- to constructively share. Truths sure can favorably do our lives well.

Initially, truths don’t always please our thirsty appetites. Often, though, when we allow them to rest in soak formation, to marinate and then to sink in thoroughly, our thirsts are satisfyingly quenched. Acceptance of truths adds to successful accomplishments of our action plans -- with relish.

Certainly, digesting truth proves good for our systems.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orisha Religion

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Teardrop Protection Ritual

THE OLOKUN TEARDROP PROTECTION RITUAL (I got this from someone else who gave me permission to post it):

Add one teardrop to your Olokun vessel containing salt water on your altar.
You are adding your PERSONAL Ase to the ritual, and specifically programming the sacred element of water to protect you...and coding it to your DNA.
Tears are the most powerful of all waters...they spring from the depths of our very own souls.
Olokun is SERIOUS business- and is the ruler of ALL psychic powers. Do this ritual, and you are IMMUNE to witchcraft, psychic attacks, and baneful magic...FOREVER.
Powerful Orisha of the deep, You who can subdue the land,
I invoke your protection at this very hour.
Keeper of the secrets of the ages, I give you GLORY.
Ageless one, keeper of deep trasformative wisdom,
I give you honor, and praise.
Great Orisha Olokun, Primordial One...I invoke your ancient wisdom...and your powerful protection.
Powerful Orisha of Old...Lend me your Ase!.
With LOVE and with GRATITUDE...
Ase o

How to Make Oil of the Dead

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HOW TO MAKE OIL OF THE DEAD: This oil is good for ancestor work, working with those who have passed. Spirit communication, and honoring the dead Ingredients: Carrier oil or any type (olive, Almond, Lavender, Grapeseed) Lavender oil 6 to 12 drops Patchouli Oil 6 to 12 drops Tea Tree or Vitamin E oil (preservative) Lavender Flowers Rose Buds or petals Marigold Flowers Mandrake Root 3 pinches Copal Inscence- about 7 to 10 pieces Cemetery Dirt, or a Dried Flower from the Cemetery. After adding the dry ingredients, add Carrier Oil of your choice. 6-7 drops Pachouli oil, 1/2 cap of Tea Tree Oil, and your intentions. Add more Carrier Oil to fill. Shake once a day. Ready for use in six weeks. Great for use in the fall...when the veil is thin. It's best to gather these ingredients now- so around the fall...this will be VERY strong.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Peacock Ore, Bronzite, Fire Agate, Opal, and Yellow Chalcedony

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Peacock Ore


Fire Agate



Dark Energy Will Get You Exactly What You Want

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Dark Energy Will Get You Exactly What You Want

The Importance of Symbols

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Ashera Star Goddess

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adam, Crystal Grid Maker

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Video about 55 Minutes Long

Healing Grid

Power Bird Crystal Grid

Crystals That are Good for Children

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Crystals for the Bedrooms of Children


How to Use Crystals with Kids

Crystals for Baby

Crystals for Newborn Babies

Healing Crystal for Newborn Babies

Crystals for Autism

Note: For those folks who are Christians of the type who don't believe in crystal usage -- likely, such beliefs are due to being unaware . . . . When I was a Christian, like so many of such folks,
I, for the most part, believed that damn near everything was demonic EXCEPT Christianity.  I discovered that that was indeed an ignorant posture so I gladly gave up such foolish beliefs.

Also, in the bible, there is mention of crystals such as in Exodus 28 beginning in verse 17.