Truths appear in drips, streams, flows and pours. Drinking from the fountains of truth holds pleasures and benefits galore. Yep, truths poured in and truths poured out -- to constructively share. Truths sure can favorably do our lives well.

Initially, truths don’t always please our thirsty appetites. Often, though, when we allow them to rest in soak formation, to marinate and then to sink in thoroughly, our thirsts are satisfyingly quenched. Acceptance of truths adds to successful accomplishments of our action plans -- with relish.

Certainly, digesting truth proves good for our systems.

All photos on this blog are copyright 2014 - S. Hicks

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tea Bath

Hi -

From Justin on FB (LTM)

The God Bath.

Find herbs sacred to your chosen God and make a tea of it. Let it set for 9 minutes then place it on your altar. Light your candles and bless the bath in the name of your chosen God. Sit, stand or lay there for 9 minutes and meditate on the chose God. Run your regular bath water and add the tea to it. Soak in it as long as you like, visualizing yourself becoming one with them. Then get out and air dry. Head back to your altar, thank your chosen God and chill.
Ladies, do the female version of this and call on your chosen Goddess.

Jasmine, Money Drawing Oil

Hi -

By request here's a list of ways to use my Signature Magick Money Drawing Oil

1. Rub a drop of your hands to attract cash gifts or before any financial business deals . Especially job interviews , loan applications or before yearly employement reviews

2. Place a drop or two on your feet so abundance and prosperity follows you everywhere you go

3. Anoint your cash and debits cards so your money will find its way back to you.

4. Put a drop on your bills to help bring in the cash needed to pay them.

5. Add to any money drawing candle

6.drop some in your bath water BUT DO NOT apply directly to "wet skin" my products contains cinnamon and trust me I learned the hard way 🔥

7. Anoit your money stones (tumble stones are best) citrine,carnelian,pyrite,tiger's eye and aventurine. All other stones be sure to confirm oil will not damage them.

8.Rub some on mojo /gris gris bag.

9. Add to your bottle of liquid hand soap

10. Placing a drop on all 4 tires will help keep your vehicle from draining money out of your pockets.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quartz, Clear

Hi -

Ref: Clear Quartz

Below is a link with the full article.

Here's an excerpt:

Quartz and Personal Growth

A quartz crystal can be of great benefit in taking steps towards personal growth, because it strengthens the energy that you yourself put out, and this, in turn, makes it easier for you to take growth steps. The amplified energy sent back to you from the crystal helps you make attitude changes, and helps you practice those changes until they become part of who you are. However, the crystal can't do the actual growth for you. Only you can do that. Remember that you "have to be it to have it". This means you must be a certain kind of person to have the energies or characteristics that go along with being that way.

People sometimes think that what crystals do is magic since they use a type of subtle energy that has not yet been discovered by science. But a crystal is not a magic tool, just a good tool in that it strengthens your own abilities and intentions. This means that in order to make a crystal work to help you grow, you have to put in the energy (in terms of intention) to make the growth steps yourself. You yourself have to increase your awareness in each particular area where you want to grow. A crystal or stone can not do that for you. It can not make you grow against your will, or with no effort on your part. But it will make it easier to reach a new awareness, and it will also make it easier to use your intention to practice that new awareness.


Here's the link to the entire article:

Friday, December 2, 2016

Foods, Magickal

Hi -

From Kelvin on FB:

Wiccan Food List A-Z: Food and Associated Magickal Properties
APPLE: known as the Wiccan food that is the sacred fruit to the Goddess. The sacred fruit to the Isle of Avalon. If you cut an apple horizontally through it's center, you will see the 5 pointed star formed by its seeds. A wiccan food that is used in love, healing, garden magic, and immortality.
AVOCADO: a vegetable that is ruled by Venus. Meat, skin, and pit is useable for wicca in the kitchen. Eat it for beauty and relaxation. Serve it to calm down a lover from a quarrel or fit.
BACON: a meat ruled by Adonis; when used as a Wiccan food can be eaten to increase earnings. Can be smeared on the body to remove marital tension and to aid in the forgiveness of adulterous affairs.
BAGEL: a round shaped bread with a hole that is ruled by Adonis. A Wiccan food that is perfect for breakfast and is of various flavors and types. Eat bagels to create illusions. Warning: never ever eat pork products on a bagel, it brings bad luck!
1) Sesame bagels: prosperity
2) Poppy bagels: eaten before bed to increase dream activity (don't eat before having to take a drug test as the poppy seeds are known to induce a positive for opiates)
3) Salt bagels: gets rid of inconsistencies
4) Cinnamon bagels: makes flattery come easy
BANANA: an everyday Wiccan food that is a fruit and is ruled by Mars. Prevents harm and accidents while traveling cross-country or in the air. To increase sexual stamina - dry and crush the banana into a powder and than rub it on your body.
BASIL: a popular Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen. A very useful and fragrant herb that can be used fresh or dried in cooking. This is a lust herb and the aroma calls forth sexual energy.
CHOCOLATE: A Wiccan food that can be used as flavoring or as a dessert itself; can be used as a beverage too (hot cocoa/chocolate). Chocolate is a power drug and it holds properties of love. Dark chocolate is associated with romance and sexual love. Milk chocolate is associated with nurturing and friendship. A staple for Wicca in the kitchen, especially for those trying to induce love or aspects of love.
EGGS: a Wiccan food that is ruled by fertility Goddesses and the Moon. Makes great psychic cleansers. Eat hardboiled on a new moon for rejuvenation/rebirth magick. Removes jinxes when added to incense blends.
KETCHUP: with Wicca in the kitchen, even condiments have magickal properties! Ketchup is a Wiccan food that is ruled by Venus. When drawn in the shape of a pentagram is used for summoning or dismissing energy. When spreading on other Wiccan foods, can be used in visualizing relationships. Continue to visualize or call out person's name while consuming ketchup.
MAYONNAISE: another Wiccan food that is a condiment and is ruled by the Moon. Symbolizing bringing greatness to the mundane or wealth to the poor. Spread on bread or mix with a salad to ward off poverty and fear of failure.
MILK: a Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen that is used on a daily basis in many households. Ruled by the Moon, Hathor, Venus, Mercury, and Ellegua. Associated with cows: summons nurturing, prosperity, and protection. Have a milk bath on Mondays and new moons.
1) Goat's milk: power and success.
2) Soy milk: job success
3) Coconut milk: protection & spiritual cleansing
PASTA: in Wicca in the kitchen, pasta is a Wiccan food that is ruled by Mercury.
1) Spiral pasta: enhances creativity
2)Spaghetti/linguini: protection and improving communications.
3) Corn pasta: financial creativity
4) Rice pasta: love
PIZZA: a delicious and recreational Wiccan food that is ruled by the Sun. Eat pizza when things are difficult and you need a lucky break.
RUM: a Wiccan food that is an alcohol that is ruled by Elegua and Chango. Rum channels spirits of the gods and is given as an offering to attract the gods' favor. Use in baking a rum cake or mix with coke for a fun Friday night!
SUGAR: a Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen that is ruled by Orishas and Venus. When powdered, sprinkle sugar on pink or red love candles to draw someone's attention.
SUSHI: a Wiccan food that is Japanese in origin and is ruled by Neptune and Venus. Sushi used in Wicca in the kitchen will increase psychic awareness and sexual prowess.
TURKEY: a Wiccan food that is sacred to the Native American Great Spirit. When cooked at home, the turkey brings blessings. The skin is used for confidence in love and the breastbone is considered highly magickal.
ZUCCHINI: a Wiccan food that is ruled by Jupiter. Whole raw zucchinis are used in sex magick. To stop a man from cheating, carve his name in the zucchini and freeze it. Eat zucchini cooked for protection and prosperity

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sage, Smokng It

Hi -

Amethyst from FB expressed:

If you get a bundle break the leaves off and put them in a pipe like one would use if smoking weed. Then just smoke it. It's great for relaxation and memory boosting, especially doing so right before casting a spell, or meditating

But to absorb the effects more, hold it in for a bit, and visualize and feel all the goodness of the sacred herb absorbing into your body and soul.

Unlocking every psychic energy channels that have been closed down in your life since you were perfectly Spiritually aligned as a child.

Dandelion, Health Benefits

Hi -

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baneful Magick by Jasmine Aten

Hi -

From Jasmine Aten - November 3, 2016

Baneful magick is just as important to know as any other spell. Everyone is within their right to defend and protect themselves and their families through magick. Now I am not saying go burn a candle on everyone who pisses you off but if someone is attacking you then you don't have to take it. But beware not to misuse this power as a lot of people cast spells out of emotionally charged situations, which could have been handled differently. This will not only cause unjust harm but start a witch war. My recommendation is first identify if the issue really calls for magick to be used, do divination to confirm, ask yourself if you're just being overly emotional and maybe calm down and re visit the idea. Determine if the other person has the capability of finding out and will send something back to you. Do they practice magick also? Is that someone you really want to toe to toe in the spirit world? Do you know how to protect yourself ? Figure all this out before hand. Magick is very real and people can get hurt but if you are within your rights then serve their revenge back to them on a silver platter .

Talismans, a ritual for protection prior to doing the work, archangle michael candle burning, reversal candle spell


From Jasmine - November 3, 2016
Performing magick during the witching hours are best ( unless your spell calls for otherwise) the energy of the planet is lower as most people are asleep and theres less a chaotic frequency whereever you are during that time. I cast most spell between midnight and 5am . Spell work to be successful take time ,planning and energy. It can not be rushed through, you can not just finish fussing at the kids and talking on the and then go do a spell. You have to focus and prepared. Yes we all do spells on a fly but the better planned out it is the higher the chances are of it working.

Here's few things to consider :

1.Take a nap or do some meditation before starting your work

2.Eat lightly so your not distracted by hunger but so much you get sleepy

3. Only perform your work when you feeling well. Being sick , angry or depressed will affect your results.

4. If your life won't allow to work in the wee hours, maybe figure out a day of the week, time or planetary hour you spell can be done at to get the same results.

5. Turn your cell phone off

6.make a checklist of everything you need so you don't have to stop and grab something (like a lighter for your candles)

7. After your spell don't worry, wonder, check , doubt, question or obsess over the results. This will only be counterproductive and block it or slow the manifestation process down.

8. And most important take your time. Trust and follow whatever your innerself is telling you to do. Magick comes from within.  Books and other tools are great for guidance but don't be afraid to switch,  add/sub or try something different from what you've seen or read.

Happy witching people

From Makeda Wisdon (FB) November 3, 2016

In my Bamileke tradition the craft is a way of life and not a religion. It is not because you know how to do a lot of things that you have to do it all. I am also a healer and after dealing with clients for reverse hexing, reverse magick, auto-return to sender protection, I got very bored and decided to stop doing it to exclusively work with people wanting to transform themselves. I don't worry about hexing or negative energy because my protection is in place and I walk my path aligned with the entities I chose to work with or who work for me. But if someone ask me, well, I will let you know that for example, hexing someone more advanced than you can end very badly. Some people like to make example of newbies who defy them and that is part of reality too. Use your divination and trust your inner guidance, no matter what others say, it is up to you to accept or not the information or the consequences that may come along. Newbies need to be aware that they are many systems where someone can pay with their life for their defiance. But developping your craft is about learning and realizing your own ability. If you start with yourself, the added protection you will get is half the work and will be much more powerful than you could know. And there are no bad questions and no bad answers, take each as coming from a certain perspective and you will not feel offended nor care about something that does not affect you unless u want it to <3

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cricket Symbolism

Hi -

Symbolism of the Cricket

The Cricket spirit animal meaning jumps far beyond expectation when he begins to “drum and chant” as his legs begin to sing in mystic verse.  The rhythmic tune is symbolic of vibration, of going higher and higher in vibrational states of awareness and presence.  With the escalating vibrations and attunement to the Cosmos, the Cricket begins to announce to the universe and all who can hear its heart felt desire . . . what is in essence “cosmic ordering.”  The Cricket calls and calls, knowing that the secret to the fulfillment of its desire is to ask and keep asking.

Saw this on FB October 20, 2016, posted by Chandrielle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Hi -

1. Relieves nausea 2. Arthritis 3. Digestion 4. Reduced respiratory problems 5. Motion sickness 6. Fights ovarian cancer 7. Lowers cholesterol 8.. Prevents migraines 9. Prevents blood clots 10. Cold & Flu prevention and treatment

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spiritual Benefits of Some Herbs

Hi - 

- Cinnamon (for dream magic) also draws money
- Nutmeg (for good luck) also draws money
- Allspice (healing) also draws money
- Ginger (lunar magic) also increases energy
- Basil (protection) also for a happy home
- Fennel seeds (spiritual healing) also for psychic abilities
- Garlic (spiritual purification)
- Marjoram (protection)
- Sage (spiritual purification) also for wisdom
- Cloves (protection) also draws money
- Mustard seed (protection)

All of the above can be burned in a cauldron -- top isn't necessary.





All spice

Cilantro also known as Coriander




Anise Seed


Bay Leaves


The Sacredness of Sage

Benefits and Uses of White Sage

Sage Health Benefits and Spiritual Uses -- YouTube


The Wonders of Basil





Parsley in Magic and Superstition

Thyme  Meaning courage


12 Herbs . . .
More Herb Info with Spell Info Included, and Using Elements of Earth, Air Fire and Water . . .

Magical Properties of Herbs, Roots, Barks, Flowers and Resins

Pantry Folk Magic

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hot Foot Powder Recipe

Hi -

From Jasmine Aten:

Hot foot powder recipe. I've gotten rid of bad co workers, neighbors and stalkers ( I mean ex boyfriends)
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
Black or regular salt
Sulphur powder (optional)
And if your brave graveyard dirt !
I have a video on the method to collect it.

Mix together widdershins ( counterclockwise) while speaking your intentions for the person
Can be left in their foot tracks. Somehwre they will step in or used on a ritual candle .

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tarot Card Information

Hi -

For those inclined to read/view content here:

Please be mindful that the main guide that you should follow is WITHIN YOU.  I learn from others, but NOTHING and NO ONE can substitute for what you discover in your own unique, signature style, spiritual journey. 

Yes, it's helpful to learn from others -- in balance . . . .

Also, sometimes I use portions of what others share but modify to suit my unique spiritual journey and preferences.


Differences in Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards.

Use and History of Tarot Cards -- Excellent video for history of Tarot cards

How I Learned Tarot

Tarot Beginner

Reading Your Own Tarot Cards 

How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively (haven't watched yet) 

Secret Meanings of Tarot Cards Revealed (haven't watched yet)

Tarot Card Documentary

How to Do a 5 Card Tarot Reading

Part 1 of my intro to Tarot Series (Beginners)

How to Read Tarot Cards for Beginners 

Complete Tarot Card Reading Course (haven't watched yet)

Beginner Tarot Card Reading Lessons (haven't watched yet)

Crystal Information for Beginners

Hi -

For those inclined to read/view content here:

Please be mindful that the main guide that you should follow is WITHIN YOU.  I learn from others, but NOTHING and NO ONE can substitute for what you discover in your own unique, signature style, spiritual journey. 

Yes, it's helpful to learn from others -- in balance . . . .

Also, sometimes I use portions of what others share but modify to suit my unique spiritual journey and preferences.


My Recommendations for a Crystal Starter Kit (Of course, it's not expected that those folks inclined will get all on the list or all at one time . . .):

All crystal stone lovers/users have our favorites.

Some of my favorites are:

- Clear Quartz
- Lumerian Quartz
- Black Tourmaline
- Amethyst
- Selenite
- Shungite
- Moonstone
- Sunstone
- Bloodstone
- Zoisite
- Blue Lace Agate
- Black Obsidian
- Snowflake Obsidian
- Orange Calcite
- Rose Quartz
- Rhodonite
- Rhodochrosite
- Tektite
- Fire Agate
- Labradorite
- Nuummite
- Angel Aura aka as Rainbow Aura
- Tiger's Eye

Teal Swan -- YouTube Video -- It's about 15 minutes long. 

Crystal Myths Debunked

Crystals for Beginners 

Tips for Buying and Using Crystals (A Beginner's Guide)

 Crystal Cleansing Methods


Hi -

Many folks are unaware of the true meaning of Kundalini . . . .  Below is an excellent in depth article about it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meditation is Vital

To Whom It Concerns:

If you believe that you can successfully and effectively navigate metaphysically without daily meditation -- you're lying to yourself.

Meditation is foundational in the mix of mastering and having deep impact in the occult arena . . . . For folks sincerely committed . . . daily meditation isn't an option -- it's a necessity. When we meditate -- solutions, creative ideas, empowering messages, etc are downloaded into us.

Do I ever miss daily meditation --1/2 hour twice daily -- once when it's dark outside and once when it's daylight? VERY rarely -- months ago, I was sternly warned to stop skipping my 1/2 hours of meditating when it's dark outside. I took the warning very seriously . . . .

I do daylight and night time meditation because we are composed of light and dark energy.  Darkness was here before light appeared.  Darkness meditation can be done WHENEVER it's dark outside -- 9:30 p.m., 10 p.m., 3 a.m., 5 a.m. -- ANY TIME WHEN it's dark outside. 

Due to street lights, etc., I do my darkness -- with my EYES OPEN -- meditation in the bathroom where I gain COMPLETE  darkness.  My darkness meditation with my EYES CLOSED is done typically in my bedroom.

You can have a boatload of crystals and other magickal accessories, but the foundation of meditation is ESSENTIAL . . .

Meditation transforms, among other deeply beneficial things that it does . . .


Folks are deceived who believe that meditation is demonic. It certainly isn't evil.


There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Folks need to find what works for you uniquely. Some people meditate sitting lotus style, some use music, some chant, some folks meditate lying down, etc.
Me, I typically meditate lying down with crystals laying on me holding a crystal in each hand. I use music sometimes; other times I prefer silence.

For those who are concerned about dozing off when you meditate -- I set a timer when I engage in meditation . . .

Brief Video about Meditation:

I'm not fond of the title of the brief video, but I love what she says.

Advantages of meditation

Benefits of meditation in Schools

Meditating with Crystals =

Meditation Can Change the Brain

Benefits of mindfulness at work

 Benefits of Group Meditation

Prisoners Transformed through Use of Meditation

YouTube video (Correctional Places) 
The clip -- link below -- shares about a meditating congressman and a group of Capitol Hill staffers who regularly meet on the hill to meditate.

I'm a witness that meditation is indeed helpful and TRULY beneficial -- positive results have manifested -- yes!!/news/health/Mindfulness-on-Capitol-Hill/302855431 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ancestral Help Crystals -- Crystals to Help Connect with Ancestors

Hi -

Bloodstone - Ancestral Healing is just some of what Bloodstone does.

Bloodstone (FAV)


Herkimer Diamond
Snowflake Obsidian
Leopardskin Jasper


Crystals for the Ancestral Line

Root chakra is about family, ancestors, cultural beliefs = ( several of the ones that help): Red Jasper, Hematite, Smoky Quartz

Crystals to Connect with Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Root Chakra Healing

Monday, September 19, 2016

Synergy 12

Here is the info about the Synergy 12:

Synergy Crystals are a special collection of Meteorites/Tektites and Crystals known to have very high influence on the energies of the human body. When used together in conjunction with each other they create a spectrum of energy very beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.
They will help raise your vibration, activate all of your latent psychic abilities, put you in touch with your spiritual guidance & higher self, and much more! Simply being in the presence these 12 stones will begin to increase your vibration. To feel experience the most powerful effects of the synergy 12, it is suggested to meditate with each Stone individually occasionally, as well as meditating with the entire collection.
1.MOLDAVITE : fast forwarding stone
Considered one of the most powerful crystals. Moldavite is a meteorite with perhaps the most intricate history associated with it. As a stone that fell from the sky it is often seen as a gem that feel out of the crown of an angel. Moldavite’s properties are considered “other worldly” as it contains the essence of star dust and space. Facilitates strong, clear, and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between ones consciousness and the higher planes
2. PHENACITE: adaptability crystal
Phenacite has gained its name by often growing in the geometric shape and pattern of many other crystals. It specializes in giving one the ability to harmonize with other forms of self. It is known to assist with “Alignment” allowing the abilities of the invisible Chakras to be obtained. Phenacite is excellent to use for nerve damage, brain imbalances, brain damage and genetic disorders that limit brain function.
3. BROOKITE: bridge crystal
It is an ascension stone, helping one increase the vibratory frequency of the physical body. Enhances psychic communication and connection to extraterestrial beings. Helps one feel present in the body as a spiritual being. Encourages one to focus on the now instead of striving for some ephemeral future reality. It assists in processing of electromagnetic energy and encourages healthy adaptations to Light energy on a cellular level.
4. DANBURITE: the DNA crystal
Excellent for connecting with Angelic entities and energies. Can help release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger…soothes the emotional body. Allows one to experience immersion in the realm of Spirit and the full opening of the heart to Divine Source, so one may become a conduit for this frequency on the planet. Especially useful in these times , as we are asked to expand our hearts and carry a more aligned vibration.
5. AZEZTULITE: the center of the earth
Second to only Moldavite when it comes to the lure surrounding this crystal. Made popular by a group of psychics claiming to channel a group of inner earth beings known as the Azez it has been often seen as one of the highest vibratory crystals. It is attuned to higher vibrational domains and fills one’s energy body with spiritual Light, and allows one to be a beacon of serenity which seems invulnerable to the turbulence of daily life.

6. NATROLITE: the purification
Natrolite crystal is a zeolite known to actually assist with the physical cleansing of the body. Many have reported sensation of feeling lighter and a floating off feeling once using Natrolite. Natrolite reduces physical swelling and water retention while also working to remove any fear one may have of water.
7. HERDERITE: brain crystal
Used to increase communication in the various regions of the head mainly the frontal lob. Herderite boosts abilities related to extracting information from invisible phenomena. This is also know as being Psychic. Herderite is also a crystal that can amplify its rare strength by being combined with other crystals. This makes it a perfect match for the synergy crystal set. Herderite specializes in dealing with behavioral issues as it promotes leadership.
8. SCOLECITE: the connectivity
Scolecite is a stone of kindness, gentleness, & non-reaction. It invites interaction with other peace loving beings helps support proper serotonin levels. It brings a sense of peace and calm when one is distraught. Seen as a crystal that has the ability to connect and network the paths of the innerself with the proper “tubular etheric connections” the body is familiar w
9. TANZANITE: the new beginning
Found in only one place in the world, Mount Kilamanjaro Africa. It is also considered a precious stone and often used in some of the most expensive jewelry due to its beauty. The occurance which forms Tanzanite is known to be 1000x more rare than that of a diamond. Tanzanite’s metaphysical properties consist of energy related to clarity, newness, life, and freshness. It blue color is often associated with the Sky and the Ocean the birthing pools of most if not all organic life.
10. PETALITE: the dispelled
Can be used to enhance one’s sense of connection to All-That-Is and help one embody that consciousness even after meditative practice has ended. It assists in opening the third-eye and crown chakras and can stimulated higher perceptions. Petalite is soothing and healing for the emotional body. Particularly valuable for overcoming abuse/victim patterns and brings a frequency of calm self-acceptance and self-love. It can be used for ADD, ADHD, excessive worry or stress.
11. TIBETAN TEKTITE: ground control
Provides for thought transmission between the physical realm and the location of origination of the stone. Helps to Raise one’s vibrational level. These meteorites are often used to strengthen the energy fields of the body while allowing one to remain grounded in their experience.
12. SATYALOKA QUARTZ: the antenna
Connected with extremely high vibrations it serves to assist the user with ridding themselves of old stagnant frequencies. This has an effect of propelling a person out of an old environment and state of consciousness in to greater expanses. Satyloka also increases our bodies “spiritual antenna” allowing us to be much more perceptive of a subtle energies and forces.