Truths appear in drips, streams, flows and pours. Drinking from the fountains of truth holds pleasures and benefits galore. Yep, truths poured in and truths poured out -- to constructively share. Truths sure can favorably do our lives well.

Initially, truths don’t always please our thirsty appetites. Often, though, when we allow them to rest in soak formation, to marinate and then to sink in thoroughly, our thirsts are satisfyingly quenched. Acceptance of truths adds to successful accomplishments of our action plans -- with relish.

Certainly, digesting truth proves good for our systems.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meditation is Vital

To Whom It Concerns:

If you believe that you can successfully and effectively navigate metaphysically without daily meditation -- you're lying to yourself.

Meditation is foundational in the mix of mastering and having deep impact in the occult arena . . . . For folks sincerely committed . . . daily meditation isn't an option -- it's a necessity. When we meditate -- solutions, creative ideas, empowering messages, etc are downloaded into us.

Do I ever miss daily meditation --1/2 hour twice daily -- once when it's dark outside and once when it's daylight? VERY rarely -- months ago, I was sternly warned to stop skipping my 1/2 hours of meditating when it's dark outside. I took the warning very seriously . . . .

I do daylight and night time meditation because we are composed of light and dark energy.  Darkness was here before light appeared.  Darkness meditation can be done WHENEVER it's dark outside -- 9:30 p.m., 10 p.m., 3 a.m., 5 a.m. -- ANY TIME WHEN it's dark outside. 

Due to street lights, etc., I do my darkness -- with my EYES OPEN -- meditation in the bathroom where I gain COMPLETE  darkness.  My darkness meditation with my EYES CLOSED is done typically in my bedroom.

You can have a boatload of crystals and other magickal accessories, but the foundation of meditation is ESSENTIAL . . .

Meditation transforms, among other deeply beneficial things that it does . . .


Folks are deceived who believe that meditation is demonic. It certainly isn't evil.


There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Folks need to find what works for you uniquely. Some people meditate sitting lotus style, some use music, some chant, some folks meditate lying down, etc.
Me, I typically meditate lying down with crystals laying on me holding a crystal in each hand. I use music sometimes; other times I prefer silence.

For those who are concerned about dozing off when you meditate -- I set a timer when I engage in meditation . . .

Brief Video about Meditation:

I'm not fond of the title of the brief video, but I love what she says.

Advantages of meditation

Benefits of meditation in Schools

Meditating with Crystals =

Meditation Can Change the Brain

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Prisoners Transformed through Use of Meditation

YouTube video (Correctional Places) 
The clip -- link below -- shares about a meditating congressman and a group of Capitol Hill staffers who regularly meet on the hill to meditate.

I'm a witness that meditation is indeed helpful and TRULY beneficial -- positive results have manifested -- yes!!/news/health/Mindfulness-on-Capitol-Hill/302855431 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ancestral Help Crystals -- Crystals to Help Connect with Ancestors

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Bloodstone - Ancestral Healing is just some of what Bloodstone does.

Bloodstone (FAV)


Herkimer Diamond
Snowflake Obsidian
Leopardskin Jasper


Crystals for the Ancestral Line

Root chakra is about family, ancestors, cultural beliefs = ( several of the ones that help): Red Jasper, Hematite, Smoky Quartz

Crystals to Connect with Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Root Chakra Healing

Monday, September 19, 2016

Synergy 12

Here is the info about the Synergy 12:

Synergy Crystals are a special collection of Meteorites/Tektites and Crystals known to have very high influence on the energies of the human body. When used together in conjunction with each other they create a spectrum of energy very beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.
They will help raise your vibration, activate all of your latent psychic abilities, put you in touch with your spiritual guidance & higher self, and much more! Simply being in the presence these 12 stones will begin to increase your vibration. To feel experience the most powerful effects of the synergy 12, it is suggested to meditate with each Stone individually occasionally, as well as meditating with the entire collection.
1.MOLDAVITE : fast forwarding stone
Considered one of the most powerful crystals. Moldavite is a meteorite with perhaps the most intricate history associated with it. As a stone that fell from the sky it is often seen as a gem that feel out of the crown of an angel. Moldavite’s properties are considered “other worldly” as it contains the essence of star dust and space. Facilitates strong, clear, and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between ones consciousness and the higher planes
2. PHENACITE: adaptability crystal
Phenacite has gained its name by often growing in the geometric shape and pattern of many other crystals. It specializes in giving one the ability to harmonize with other forms of self. It is known to assist with “Alignment” allowing the abilities of the invisible Chakras to be obtained. Phenacite is excellent to use for nerve damage, brain imbalances, brain damage and genetic disorders that limit brain function.
3. BROOKITE: bridge crystal
It is an ascension stone, helping one increase the vibratory frequency of the physical body. Enhances psychic communication and connection to extraterestrial beings. Helps one feel present in the body as a spiritual being. Encourages one to focus on the now instead of striving for some ephemeral future reality. It assists in processing of electromagnetic energy and encourages healthy adaptations to Light energy on a cellular level.
4. DANBURITE: the DNA crystal
Excellent for connecting with Angelic entities and energies. Can help release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger…soothes the emotional body. Allows one to experience immersion in the realm of Spirit and the full opening of the heart to Divine Source, so one may become a conduit for this frequency on the planet. Especially useful in these times , as we are asked to expand our hearts and carry a more aligned vibration.
5. AZEZTULITE: the center of the earth
Second to only Moldavite when it comes to the lure surrounding this crystal. Made popular by a group of psychics claiming to channel a group of inner earth beings known as the Azez it has been often seen as one of the highest vibratory crystals. It is attuned to higher vibrational domains and fills one’s energy body with spiritual Light, and allows one to be a beacon of serenity which seems invulnerable to the turbulence of daily life.

6. NATROLITE: the purification
Natrolite crystal is a zeolite known to actually assist with the physical cleansing of the body. Many have reported sensation of feeling lighter and a floating off feeling once using Natrolite. Natrolite reduces physical swelling and water retention while also working to remove any fear one may have of water.
7. HERDERITE: brain crystal
Used to increase communication in the various regions of the head mainly the frontal lob. Herderite boosts abilities related to extracting information from invisible phenomena. This is also know as being Psychic. Herderite is also a crystal that can amplify its rare strength by being combined with other crystals. This makes it a perfect match for the synergy crystal set. Herderite specializes in dealing with behavioral issues as it promotes leadership.
8. SCOLECITE: the connectivity
Scolecite is a stone of kindness, gentleness, & non-reaction. It invites interaction with other peace loving beings helps support proper serotonin levels. It brings a sense of peace and calm when one is distraught. Seen as a crystal that has the ability to connect and network the paths of the innerself with the proper “tubular etheric connections” the body is familiar w
9. TANZANITE: the new beginning
Found in only one place in the world, Mount Kilamanjaro Africa. It is also considered a precious stone and often used in some of the most expensive jewelry due to its beauty. The occurance which forms Tanzanite is known to be 1000x more rare than that of a diamond. Tanzanite’s metaphysical properties consist of energy related to clarity, newness, life, and freshness. It blue color is often associated with the Sky and the Ocean the birthing pools of most if not all organic life.
10. PETALITE: the dispelled
Can be used to enhance one’s sense of connection to All-That-Is and help one embody that consciousness even after meditative practice has ended. It assists in opening the third-eye and crown chakras and can stimulated higher perceptions. Petalite is soothing and healing for the emotional body. Particularly valuable for overcoming abuse/victim patterns and brings a frequency of calm self-acceptance and self-love. It can be used for ADD, ADHD, excessive worry or stress.
11. TIBETAN TEKTITE: ground control
Provides for thought transmission between the physical realm and the location of origination of the stone. Helps to Raise one’s vibrational level. These meteorites are often used to strengthen the energy fields of the body while allowing one to remain grounded in their experience.
12. SATYALOKA QUARTZ: the antenna
Connected with extremely high vibrations it serves to assist the user with ridding themselves of old stagnant frequencies. This has an effect of propelling a person out of an old environment and state of consciousness in to greater expanses. Satyloka also increases our bodies “spiritual antenna” allowing us to be much more perceptive of a subtle energies and forces.

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