Truths appear in drips, streams, flows and pours. Drinking from the fountains of truth holds pleasures and benefits galore. Yep, truths poured in and truths poured out -- to constructively share. Truths sure can favorably do our lives well.

Initially, truths don’t always please our thirsty appetites. Often, though, when we allow them to rest in soak formation, to marinate and then to sink in thoroughly, our thirsts are satisfyingly quenched. Acceptance of truths adds to successful accomplishments of our action plans -- with relish.

Certainly, digesting truth proves good for our systems.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Spells from Prince

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KEEP CALM...AND CAST A SPELL. THE WISHING WELL MONEY SPELL. This is a REAL money spell that WORKS. "Ain't no such thing as a broke witch." -Leticia Padua� Carve a green candle with dollar signs. Anoint with patchouli oil. Sprinkle gold glitter, and or money powder, & cinnamon on top. Add real money and or fake money in all denominations around your candle with crystsls of pyrite, citrine, green aventurine, clear quartz & lodestone. If you don't have all of the crystals, you may do this working using only citrine as your crystal component. Be sure at some point, to invest in lodestone. It's EXTREMELY powerful. Burn money draw incense, while speaking the following incantation over your candle: "Bless my money Multiply & increase it. A thousand times a thousand For my financial freedom. Bless the ones who gave it & bless the ones to whom it shall go. And I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks." Manifestation will occur within 30 days or less. Everyone's energy is different. To shorten your manifestation, do this working in front of a mirror... BECAUSE OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR...ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.
Prince Ajewale Ifayemi added a new photo.
HOW TO MAKE BLACK DESTROYER OIL: You will need the following: 1 burnt chicken feather. Sweet Basil Sea Salt Olive Oil Garlic Black Pepper Powdered Charcoal Tobacco High John the Conqueror Root. Add powdered charcoal to the Olive oil. Next, add the sea salt. Next, add the black pepper. Add a small piece of High John the Conquerer root, and the add the tobacco. Next, add the garlic, and the burned chicken feather. Add Cayenne Pepper to add fire to the Oil. You may also add Dragons' blood incense. It is an all purpose dismissal incense. Optional Ingredients- Iron scrapings from your cast Iron cauldron or skillet, coffin nails, or pomegranate seeds. Graveyard Dirt- or Hot Foot Powder. Black Destroyer oil destroys curses, hatred resentments, envy and any evil intentions towards you or your home. Black Destroyer formulas are designed to help people clear serious messes out of their lives, protect their homes, and stop curses, evil, and resentment dead in their tracks, it is an excellent "first aid" application when under attack, and often it kills the hell out of it without you having to do a whole lot more. FOR UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WORKINGS... One of the most common ways of applying this oil is to mix half a bottle (usually 2 oz) with 1 cup of mineral oil. Every night sprinkle contents around the location where the person that harms you walks through, at least for 7 to 9 nights, carry it in an empty soda can so it looks like you’re carrying a soda that you "accidentally" spill or can sprinkle carefully under concealment. If you find that powders have been sprinkled across your path, or just before you get into your car (driver’s side) dilute the Black Destroyer Oil in mineral oil, and use it as a sprinkle on messes that people have laid for you. For Example- if you find powders in your yard, or nails other things that may have been placed on your property or workspace To clean up, use paper towels and wear disposable gloves put the whole thing into a plastic baggy then add your Black Destroyer Oil and toss into a dumpster or garbage can that is outside of where you work or live. It pays to keep a prepared bottle in your car, or at work in your desk drawer or locker. FOR LONG DISTANCE WORKINGS: Dress a candle with Black Destroyer Oil. If possible, obtain a photo of the person, a handwriting sample or write their name 9 times on a piece of brown paper. In a low, wide flat dish that has a small rim, set a black candle on top of the photo, and then fill the dish with a dash of Black Destroyer and a lot of vinegar. This works best with wider based or bottom candles like small pillars, votive, and 7 knob candles, rather than the kind you have to put in a candle holder. This is because You want to stick the candle right on top of the photo or paper, and you need the candle to be able to remain flat. Let the candle burn down until the flame reaches the liquid. Black Destroyer Oil is an AMAZING addidion to any banishing workings. When you dress a candle with this oil stroke the oil away from you, not up and down and not towards you---AWAY FROM YOU.
Prince Ajewale Ifayemi
To Drive away bad neighbors, put this on their doorstep, walking backwards so that you don’t walk through it. They’ll find a new home...and leave yours alone. FAST. HOW TO MAKE HAUNTED HOT FOOT POWDER: 2 OZ. Cayene Pepper (Level 160,000) 2 OZ Cinnamon 2 OZ Ground Black Pepper 2 OZ High Grade Sulphur Powder DIRT FROM A GRAVE. AND WATCH YOUR TROUBLES RUN AWAY SCREAMING. A NOTE ABOUT GRAVEYARD DIRT: Unless you want...VISITORS...NEVER wear your cemetery shoes inside of your house. EVER. Place a border of salt around the inside border of the doorways and windows to your home. BEFORE you leave for the cemetery. When gathering your dirt, offer Oya nine pennies at the gate before entering the cemetery. Leave a dime on the grave to pay for your dirt. I've worked with graveyard dirt- and got a full body apparition, asking me for instructions. Before it got to the point of me even ENTERING the cemetery- I did rituals and ebo for Oya at the gates...for over six months. (the Oya Protection Ritual) Prior to that- I built a STRONG connection to my ancestors- for over a YEAR. Graveyard dirt is SERIOUS necromancy and should only be attempted by the experienced Mage.

Gazing increases your psychic abilities, and helps to fine tune them.
There are dangers in the other realms. With you barriers in place, Only high vibrational beings can access your mirror.
Charge it with good intent.
To do this, wash your mirror, while singing a song of praise to Yemaja.- Mother of the waters. This Orisha will protect you. Windex away any streaks. Remember. Water is a reflective surface. Recite the following incantation over every vessel holding water on your altar for protection.
Beautiful Lady of the Magnificent Waters, I Invoke your protection over the every mirrored surface. Let there be peace within and without- Like the surface of your still waters. Bless the mirrors on my altar, and the surface of the waters in each vessel. Great Mother of the Waters,
I thank you, and I give you praise. Ase o
You've just created...THE WATER BARRIER.
Ancestral Barrier - Offerings for your ancestors create a powerful barrier. The ancestors are your FIRST line of defense. The more you offer your ancestors, the stronger they are- and the more they are able to protect you.
Eshu Barrier. - Offerings can be a cigar, a dish of candies, liquor, or money of any amount. NOTHING gets past the Lord of Fate. NOTHING.
Olokun Barrrier - Your Olokun vessel with salt water and a trident.
Obatala Barrier-Obatala is the Orisha of light and purity. ONLY benevolent beings can get by Obatala.
He doesn't miss ANYTHING. EVER.
Oya Barrier. - Offerings can be peppercorn, or pennies in multiples of nine. Eggplant is Oya's favorite Ebo. Orisha Oya is a STRONG protectress of all who honor her.
Treat this Powerful Orisha with GREAT respect.
Shango Barrier. - I like to use Okra for Shango. It's his favorite food!
Oya LOVES Shango, so putting their ebo close to each other creates POWERFUL protection.
Shango is a HIGHLY skilled warrior Orisha. His protection is powerful!
The Water Barrier. - The programming of Reflective surfaces.
*NOTE* If you don't have two mirrors, you may use any vessel containing water. The surface of the another mirror.
*recite the Yemaja mirror invocation*

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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For those inclined to read/view content here:

Please be mindful that the main guide that you should follow is WITHIN YOU.  I learn from others, but NOTHING and NO ONE can substitute for what you discover in your own unique, signature style, spiritual journey. 

Yes, it's helpful to learn from others -- in balance . . . .

Also, sometimes I use portions of what others share but modify to suit my unique spiritual journey and preferences.

Different Types of Scrying

My VERY BRIEF YouTube Video about Scrying Using Water in a Dark Bowl:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Using Mirrors

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From C.M. on FB:

Some people have reservations about binding spells, reversals & curses. The 3 are not the same. BINDING is basically stopping someone in their tracks. REVERSALS are self explanatory. CURSES are a deliberate intention to inflict harm. It is not cool to bully others with your craft just because you can. When people are taught martial arts, it is for SELF DEFENSE, not to go around beating the crap out of someone just because they don't like them(CURSE). In fact, they are taught to use their skill in a fight to use their enemies own energy against them (REVERSE) or at least disable their oponant from harming them (BINDING). However, they also know key areas that could kill the enemy in an instant & shut them down if the situation calls for it. The integrity that they are instilled with is along the lines of, "so help me God should I ever have to use my craft." Catch my drift? Be responsible with your craft & don't feed into the negative stereotypes about witchcraft. Lastly, if these types of spells go against your moral code, yet someone is causing you harm, you can always opt to do a spell that shows them the error of their ways. Using a mirror, pyrite, an incantation telling the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, will expose to them their true character & the harm that they've caused. They'll see their true selves & unless they're sociopathic, they will be overcome with guilt & perhaps they'll be mindful of their future actions.


I'm going through one of my notebooks, and found this gem from C.M.:

Mirror and clear Quartz to any spell amplifies the energy.


Another from C.M.:

Place candle in front of the mirror and state that any negative energy that comes to you is bounced back to the sender without harming you.
Don't put a name to the rreversal spell.
Send it back, "Whence it came."
This is self defense.


Posted on FB by CM:

Excerpt from author, Elizabeth Barrette

Mirror: A compact mirror, signal mirror for campers, or other tiny portable mirrors will suffice; a large one is not necessary. Pointed away from you, mirrors reflect negativity. Just carrying one repels some malicious entities. A mirror also make s a good focus for scrying. In dim light, gaze into the reflective surface and let your mind wander until images form.


From Chandrielle:

It totally depends on what you spell is. I use a mirror in all my spells. If it's something I want to attract to me then I focus the mirror on me. If I'm targeting another person, I focus the mirror on that person. If it's something I'm banishing from me, I reflect the mirror away from me.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crystal - Vanadinite

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This is a marvelous stone. I came across it by accident but now have a few pieces in my collection.
This fire element stone keeps one focused on the task at hand. Offering a boost of power when tasks become difficult, Vanadinite helps the holder persist and endure through fatigue.
Vanadinite facilitates production, creativity, stamina and grounding.

Some uses of vanadinite are:

Powerful energy booster
Clarifying one's creativity
Offers the stamina needed to see projects through
Clears creative obstructions such as writer's block
Strengthens and stimulates sexual energies

Healing properties of Vanadinite

Used to counter effects of aging. Protection from radiation.
Vanadinite connects to the Earth Star Chakra and has very powerful grounding abilities.

Healing Crystals Listed by Ailments

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One of the subject articles includes the disclaimer as follows:

"Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care."

Crystals Listed by Issues and Ailments

12 Healing Crystals

Crystal Tips and Healing Prescriptions

Seven Common Ailments That Crystals Can Treat

Friday, August 5, 2016

Crystals Safe in Sun and Water, Etc.

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This post is all over the place. I cut and pasted the information from Facebook.  I'm NOT in the mood to fix it -- correct spacing, etc. lol

Selenite doesn't tolerate water. It'll disintegrate in water.

Sandy Thaxton-Hicks Selenite cannot tolerate water at all.

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 Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst can tolerate water. I may add some more after I look . . .

Nikki Sade Green aventurine?

Sandy Thaxton-Hicks I don't know about that one.

From Chandrielle Mitchell Mostly smooth polished crystals HOWEVER, some agates ate dyed and the color will bleed. If you're using sea salt, u don't necessarily need water. Definitely don't put star aragonite or selenite in water.
If in doubt about how to cleanse a crystal, a very safe & effective way is with high pitch sound vibrations such as Tibetan bells, chimes, or a singing bowl. That way you don't have to work about what's hazardous to your crystals.

Sandy Thaxton-Hicks I cleanse some of my crystals using Sage incense using a feather to wave the smoke over the crystals.

I have feathers in assorted colors. Black is my favorite color so usually that's the color feather I use.

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Sandy Thaxton-Hicks Rhondonite
Sunstone, and Shungite can be wet.

I cleanse but do NOT charge my crystals.

I define it as communing with my crystals -- talking to them, singing to them, greeting, ringing a bell over them, stroking, etc.

I lay them on me when I meditate.

I charge them in the sun but some are supposed to be charged in moonlight

Sandy Thaxton-Hicks Striking that you mentioned sun as I was just looking for which crystals can safely be in the sun. Some fade in sunlight, Nikki Sade.

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Sandy Thaxton-Hicks Citrine is safe in water as is Bloodstone.

Safe in sun:

Carnelian, Sunstone and Obsidian

From Angel Herron
A good general rule of thumb is to not submerge crystals with a MOH hardness level of 5 or less. Also if you are going to keep the crystal in the water for a long period of time, make sure it does not contain iron -- like Hematite, Magnetite, and Lodestone -- because it can cause them to oxidize.

From Angel Herron Avoid Sunlight: These crystals should avoid being placed in sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This list will include many of the most common crystals. This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good start.
Amegreen, Amethyst, Ametrine, Apophyllite Green, Aquamarine, Auralite23, Celestite, Citrine, Fluorite, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Opal (will dry out), Prasiolite, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Super Seven, Topaz, Turquoise.

Nikki Sade I just won't put any of them in the sun lol

From Angel Herron:
Here are some examples. They do not exhaust the entire list of hazardous stones. First, crystals that contain copper or lead should never be used. This group includes Azurite, Malachite, Galena, Chalcopyrite, and others. Hematite as an iron based stone should not be put in water as prolonged exposure to water makes it rust. Some salt crystals dissolve in water, so they should be avoided too. Other stones, like for example Tiger's Eye, contain asbestos and likewise should not be used for charging water.

Special Handling of Certain Crystals

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Basic Spiritual Emergency Kit

Hi -

From Chandrielle on FB:

A Witches Basic Emergency Kit !!!
I have noticed more then ones, that there are still
some of us, who do not have A Basic Witches
Emergency Kit on hand. It is so IMPORTANT for a
Witch to be always to be prepared in emergencies.
Now what do we call a emergency in a Witches Life ?
Well a Witch has to be prepared for everything, but
most of all, we have to be prepared for any negative
energy or dark spell that might find its way unexpected
into our life. We can not wait until two days after and
get our supply, by then the negative energy or dark
spell has gotten a hold of our life and it will take us
a lot longer to remove the negative energy or dark
spell. We can take care of things right away, as soon
as we feels something is wrong, if we have our
Witches Basic Emergency Kit on hand.
This emergency kit will keep a Witch and her or his loved
ones protected and safe and these simple easy to find items
should be always be in a Witches home.
I will list items that are easy to come by and that are
Items Needed :
One white candle - purification ( votive,tapered or tea light )
One black candle - to remove negativity ( votive,tapered )
Sea salt
Smudge stick
Rosemary - protection,exorcism,purification
Basil - exorcism,protection
Anise - protection,purification
Caraway - protection
Clove - protection,exorcism
Cumin - protection
Dill - protection
Mint - protection,exorcism
Sage - protection
Cinnamon-Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, energy, good luck, love, money, passion, peace, prosperity, protection,
I chose these herbs, because they easy to come by, every
grocery store has them, we cook with them and might even
have them on hand already. Every Witch should have at least
two of these herbs in her or his emergency kit at all times.
Essential oils or the combination of herbs and essential oils
can be used as well, you are the Witch, you decide what
you want in your emergency kit.
Always remember !!!!
Every Witch needs a Basic Emergency Kit soon or later, but
its always better to be prepared and have it on hand when
needed, the longer you wait with the removal of negative
energy or dark spells, the harder it will be to remove it.
So go out there and get your Witches Basic Emergency Kit
together as soon as possible
Original source unknown, Echoe