Truths appear in drips, streams, flows and pours. Drinking from the fountains of truth holds pleasures and benefits galore. Yep, truths poured in and truths poured out -- to constructively share. Truths sure can favorably do our lives well.

Initially, truths don’t always please our thirsty appetites. Often, though, when we allow them to rest in soak formation, to marinate and then to sink in thoroughly, our thirsts are satisfyingly quenched. Acceptance of truths adds to successful accomplishments of our action plans -- with relish.

Certainly, digesting truth proves good for our systems.

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Is it possible that Christians are wrong about long held and long taught beliefs?  Recently, I had a dream in which I asked a Christian teacher/counselor these words, "What if you're wrong?"  And in the subject dream, she conceded that she could be wrong . . .

There's much to learn, but unfortunately -- for numerous people -- so many folks refuse to dig deeper to test, examine, research, consider, discern, etc.  For a long time, I was of such posture, but now I seek PROOFS .  . . I've been taught considerably from digging deeper . . .


Posted for review purposes, excerpt from book, Gospel Fictions :

How do we know that the Gospel story is true? Because it confirms the prophecies of the Old Testament. But how do we know that the Old Testament prophecies are true? Because they are confirmed by the Gospel story. Evidence, so called, is bounced back and forth between the testaments like a tennis ball; and no other evidence is given us.The two testaments form a double mirror, each reflecting the other but neither the world outside."

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Perfection is exclusive to GOD so I don't FULLY believe in anyone but GOD; however, I've learned some valuable and deeply beneficial truths from reading and viewing relative to what's posted below and elsewhere on this blog.   

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